This episode we welcome writer, composer, and good friend Tim Sheehy to the show!

Tim joins us to chat about the crowdfunding campaign for the game Grumpy Witch: Emilia’s Revenge from developers Pixel Constructor, of which Tim is the composer! We chat about the game, how he’s working to give the game a memorable soundtrack, working with deadlines, and tons more. Plus we devle into topics like MAGFest, The Bad Dudes, and his upcoming synthwave project!

After Tim heads out, we cover the news of the week including new Xbox backward compatible titles, a Gears of War 4 promition with NVIDIA that proves we can’t have nice things, PS4 owners getting Bethesda mods once again, and the surprising return of Voodoo Vince! Plus Featured Games!

Tim Ekkebus reviews River City: Tokyo Rumble from Arc System Works and Natsume, a brand new game in the River City franchise set in Tokyo with the retro gameplay you love. Uneaten Lake reviews DEXED from Ninja Theory, the studio behind Enslaved and DmC, a gorgeous on-rails VR shooter. Ryan Underwood reviews LASTFIGHT from Piranaking, a ridiculous 2v2 3D arena fighting game based on the French comic book LASTMAN.

Rogue Stormers from Black Forest Games is a 2D twin stick platformer/shooter with roguelike elements and an awesome aesthetic. Bullet Soul from Tachyon Inc and 5pb is a fantastic bullet hell shooter finally making it’s debut in the US on Xbox 360. Demon Truck from Triger Mountain and Adventurepro Games is an insane arcade action shooter journeying to the Next Hell. Castles from Whoot Games and BadLand Indie is a 3D block matching puzzle game that finally made it to Xbox One.

Finally, we end the show with five songs from Tim Sheehy spanning his game remixing career, his Grumpy Witch soundtrack, and a clip of his synthwave project!

Tim Sheehy – Eyes of Sapphire
Tim Sheehy – Timeless Heart
Tim Sheehy – Sly Thai Guy
Tim Sheehy – Synthdemo Clip
Tim Sheehy – Prelude ~ A World of Magic

Download it HERE, stream below!