This episode welcomes Peter Casle and Tom Cox of Whale Hammer Games to the show!

Peter and Tom join us to chat about their game Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire, a turn based strategy RPG with hand drawn visuals and a dark, mature storyline. We chat about the development of the game, the unique mechanics to the game, the art style, the music, and how Tom still somehow looks like a teenager and how jealous I am being a balding old fart.

Once the Tahira crew depart, CJ and I discuss the recent EA Access additions as well as titles coming this fall, discuss an email with free to play mobile game reviews from friend Jacob Garner, and cover a handful of Featured Games!

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today from Fictiorama Studios and BadLand Games is a dark and gritty point and click adventure title with gorgeous visuals. Duke Grabowski, Mighty Swashbuckler! from Venture Moon and Alliance Digital Media is a short, sweet, lighthearted, and humorous point and click adventure game. Zenith from Infinigon and BadLand Games is an over the top action RPG with irreverant humor and f-bombs galore, the video game version of SML? Rogue Wizards from Spellbind Studios is a turn based strategy dungeon crawler with roguelike elements and sanctuary building. One Hundred Ways from Sunlight Games tasks you with getting a ball to the exit with various obstacles and gadgets to make it so across 100 stages (plus 33 more).

Finally, we end the show with three tracks from the band Skinny Lister, a British folk/rock band featuring Sam Brace of Decibel PR, one of the awesome PR teams we work with on SML! Their new album The Devil, The Heart, & The Fight is out now!

Skinny Lister – Geordie Lad
Skinny Lister – Wanted
Skinny Lister – Devil In Me

Download it HERE, stream below!


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