No guest this show, so let’s dive right into things!

We kick off the show with a small bit of news including recent Xbox One Backward Compatibility additions and then we get right into the meat of the show, the PlayStation VR! We got a unit and after a full day of game time, it’s time for our initial impressions including setup, use, tracking, limitations, and potential motion sickness issues (Seriously, fuck DriveClub VR) and tons more! We even have a surprise guest show up in the last hour of the show that’ll remind you of the old days of the show! (It’s Tim. Tim comes back.)

Featured Games! Harmonix Music VR from, clearly, Harmonix is a PSVR exclusive music visualization experience with multiple modes and a stellar soundtrack. Waddle Home from Archiact Interactive is a cute and enjoyable PSVR puzzle game about guiding penguins to safety. Castle Invasion: Throne Out from Cat Trap Studios is an addictive and fun castle defense style action game. Mantis Burn Racing from VooFoo Studios is a beautiful top down arcade racer and easily one of the best around.

Shadow Warrior 2 from Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital is a fast paced and gorgeous blend of swordplay, gun fights, insane humor, and tons of dick jokes. Aragami from Lince Works and Maximum Games is a third person stealth title where you control the shadows as an undead assassin. Finally, Eternal Rhage reviews Kings Quest Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home from The Odd Gentlemen and Sierra Games, a continuation of the fantastic adventure series reboot!

We end the show with five tracks from the recently released Tribute Album 64!

Demonstray – The Loss of Hylia and Terminia (Zelda OoT & Majora’s Mask)
Mega Beardo & norg – Backlash (Blast Corps)
MegaDriver – Gerudo Valley (Zelda OoT)
Flying Knee – Dance of Skedar (Perfect Dark)
Gimmick! – Green Garden (Bomberman 64)

Download it HERE, stream it below!