Fun show with Andrew Hoyal of BadLand Indie/BadLand Games this episode!

The show kicks off with some quick news on Red Dead teases from RockStar as well as a handful of quick reviews including two from Uneaten Lake. Dimensional Intersection from DNV and Nicalis is an interactive musical visualizer for the Vive. Everspace from ROCKFISH Games is a space sim with fast paced combat and roguelike elements out now on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview

Manual Samuel from Perfectly ParaNormal and Curve Digital is an batfeces insane game about surviving a day manually. Blue Rider from Ravegan brings the fast, fun, and frantic twin stick arcade shooter to the Xbox One. Wuppo from Knuist & Perzik and SOEDESCO is a hand drawn 2D adventure platformer looking for a new home. REUS from Abbey Games and SOEDESCO is a strategy/simulation world builder where the only thing you can’t control is mankind.

After the reviews, Andrew Hoyal joins to chat about BadLand Indie, BadLand Games, and all of their recent projects as wel as a few upcoming titles! We run the gamut from Anima to Zenith with tons in between like Castles, Dex, OlliOlli, Dead Synchronicity, and Heart & Slash, plus we chat about upcoming games Kyurinaga’s Revenge and Ginger: Beyond the Crystal. I also sneak in a quick thanks regarding our friends at SWDTech Games for Pixel Noir!

We end the show with some more tracks from the recently released Tribute Album 64!

KusogÄ“ – Titty Bar (Zelda: Majora’s Mask – Intermission)
YamaYama – Bob-omb Battlefield (Mario 64)
ConSoul Big Band – Windy & Co. (Conker’s Bad Fur Day)
Tim Yarbrough – Sheik (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Download it HERE, stream below!

Wuppo game