Holy shit there was a lot of big news this week, wasn’t there?

We kick off the show with the full crew and Chris Taylor joining in to chat about all the info and speculation on the Nintendo Switch unveiling video, the tablet, controllers, games and publishers involved, and so much more. Plus we discuss the Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement, United Front Games shutting down, more Skyrim mod talk, and new Xbox One Backward Compatibility additions including The Orange Box! And Rock Band Rivals chat! AND Featured Games!

Chris Taylor reviews Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure from Nihon Falcom and Mastiff, the fantastic and adorable action RPG now available on the 3DS. Ryan “Wood” Underwood reviews DoDonPachi Resurrection, a massive compilation of alternative versions of the bullet hell classic from CAVE Interactive and Degica. Rocket Riot from Codeglue is a crazy 8bit shooter brought over to Steam and Windows 10.

Clockwork from Gamesoft is a time bending, steampunk, puzzle platformer. A Quiver of Crows is a beautiful but incredibly difficult twin stick shooter from Sheado.net. HoPiKo from Laser Dog and Merge Games is a speed run platformer where you must save gaming. The Bug Butcher from Awfully Nice Studios and Triangle Studios brings the Pang styled action shooter to consoles.

Plus some more PlayStation VR coverage with a review of Loading Human: Chapter 1, a first person adventure game to save your dying father from Untold Games and Maximum Games. The Brookhaven Experiment from Phosphor Games is an intense and awesome first person wave shooter. We also cover the Power A Charge & Display Station for PlayStation VR, a stand that holds your VR unit and charges your DualShock 4 and two move controllers.

We end the show with four tracks off of the Rocket Riot soundtrack from compser SonicPicnic! And maybe an extra, super embarassing song from my dark past…

SonicPicnic – Rocket Riot Theme Song
SonicPicnic – Blockheads
SonicPicnic – The Big Evil
SonicPicnic – Military Madness

Download HERE, stream below!