A quickie this time, and by quickie I mean our shortest show since June. We have timing problems.

We chat about the newest additions to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility lineup, Shred Nebula, Killer is Dead, and RAGE, as well as hopes for the remainder of the Mass Effect series to show up eventually, and my cat Predator being a noisy little dick! Plus more reviews!

Earth’s Dawn from Oneoreight and Rising Star Games bring fantastic side scrolling combat and gorgeous visuals to the US for the first time. Exile’s End from Magnetic Realms and XSEED is an old school action adventure game in the vein of Flashback and Another World and totally not a Metroidvania. Ginger: Beyond the Crystal from Drakhar Studio and BadLand Indie mixes action, adventure, and town building for all ages.

Clustertruck from Landfall Games and tinyBuild brings the frantic truck based platformer to the Xbox. Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo from Mind’s Eye Games is a fast paced, one hit kill local arena battler with a fun survival mode. Jordan Phipps reviews Kyurinaga’s Revenge, a 2D platformer from RECOtechnology and BadLand Indie and the sequel to Yasai Ninja giving the series a fresh new start. Klang from Tinimations and Snow Cannon Games is a trippy and gorgeous rhythm platformer with an incredible soundtrack.

We end the show with five songs from the game Klang from the composer, and our good friend, Jordan “bLiNd” Aguirre!

bLiNd – Klang (Club Mix)
bLiNd – Shanty Shuffle
bLiNd – Agent Klang
bLiNd – Portal Jumper
bLiNd – Welcome to the End

Download it HERE, stream it below!


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