Election fallout support group meets Harmonix interview. Weird show for sure.

The show kicks off with the crew chatting about the big news of the week including a BlizzCon wrapup, Smash Bros. amiibo rumors, and the newest Xbox Backward Compatibility program updates including both Mass Effect 2 and 3 as well as their addition to the EA Access Vault. And a little bit of speculation about Skate 3 becoming playable on Xbox One as well, which proved to be true! Plus Featured Games!

Lethal VR from Three Fields Entertainment and Team17 is an arcade style VR shooting game on Vive and coming to PSVR. Gas Guzzlers Extreme from Gamepires and Iceberg Interactive is a high octane car combat game with zombies and blow up dolls. Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst is Japanese Shooter from Tachyon Inc and 5pb and we enjoy new Bullet Soul. Xenoraid from 10tons Ltd. is a procedurally generated vertically scrolling space shooter with an awesome squad swapping mechanic. Small Radios Big Televisions from FIRE FACE and Adult Swim Games is a point and click style puzzler of deserted factories, virtual worlds, and some batshit crazy imagery.

After a musical intermission, I’m joined by Josh Harrison of Harmonix to chat about all things Rock Band Rivals! We chat about the Rivals expansion as well as Crews and the Rockumentary, we talk about the process of bringing back exports and delisted content, and we talk about how Massachusetts voted for legal weed and how I’m totally going to go visit them now. It’s an entertaining, if somewhat somber, hour long chat with some exciting exclusive DLC reveals as well!** (**This is a blatant lie. Nothing gets revealed.)

Music this episode is from our friend Haroon Piracha also known as FFmusic DJ!

Haroon Piracha & Geoffrey Taucer – Me and Mario Down by the Schoolyard (Intermission)
Haroon Piracha – Star Stealing Girl
Haroon Piracha – Sky Runner
Haroon Piracha – KKmusic DJ

Download the show HERE, stream it below!