Two interviews and a glimpse back at a happier time wait for you in this episode!

First up on the show we are joined by Bill Swartz and David Bruno of Mastiff to chat about the Nintendo 3DS release of Gurumin as well as the history of the company, past releases, future plans, and correcting me on the fact that they are just Mastiff and not Mastiff Games! Plus we recorded the interview DURING the night of the election so you can actively hear the sadness forming throughout the show as the crushing realization sets in about the results of last Tuesday!

After a quick intermission, I’m joined by James Morgan of IndieBox! We chat about the IndieBox subscripotion service where you can get exclusive indie PC game Collector’s Editions each month as well as their upcoming GameStop exclusive line of Steelbook Editions! We cover the various games they’ve worked with in the past, James expectedly dodges my questions about future game plans, and then we realize we’re both wrestling fans right as we need to wrap things up. James will be back.

Oh, and get this shit! If you want to subscribe to IndieBox, enter the SML exclusive coupon code mentioned in the show to get 20% off your initial subscription whether it’s $5 for a single month or a whopping $48 if you select a full year. That basically pays the shipping costs! (The code is resogun, by the way, if you’re too goddamn lazy to listen to my show.) Code is only good for about a week from when the episode releases, SO HURRY UP.

Music this show is a pack of songs from our good friend Bob Baffy off of his recently released Death Jr OST! Pick it up now on his Bandcamp!

Bob Baffy – Dead Pimp (Intermission)
Bob Baffy – Doves
Bob Baffy – Snooped
Bob Baffy – Mol-Rock

Download it HERE, stream below!