We’ve got a pair of interviews tonight, with Mustin of the Bad Dudes and Andrew Taraba of Bizurk Software dropping by!

The show kicks off with Andrew Taraba coming to chat with us about his game TinyWars, an anime styled tower defense game in open prototype phase right now! We chat about the character designs, game development, and tons of other fun stuff about a game that’s still incredibly early in development! After Andrew leaves, we cover a handful of game reviews!

Killing Floor 2 from Tripwire Interactive and Deep Silver is an online multiplayer zombie wave shooter with intense action and gorgeous visuals. Jalopy from Minskworks and Excalibur Games is a journey involving a dilapidated car. Kick Ass Commandos from Anarchy Enterprises is a frantic old school top down shooter in gorgeous pixel style. Eternal Rhage gives us her thoughts on the retro sci-fi Metroidvania style game Headlander from Double Fine Productions and Adult Swim Games. Uneaten Lake gives us an early preview of the Space Hulk: Deathwing multiplayer beta from Streum On Studio and Focus Home Interactive.

After a brief intermission, I’m joined by our good friend Mustin of The OneUps and Bad Dudes fame to chat about the newest release from the Bad Dudes, Psychokinetic, an EarthBound/Mother album released in conjunction with Fangamer! We chat about the album coming together, the musicians involved, the incredibly limited nature of the physical release, and the upcoming MAGProm at MAGFest which will feature THREE sets from The OneUps!

Music this show is a pack of songs from the Bad Dudes Psychokinetic album! Buy it now!

posu yan – mom’s cookies (intermission)
Mustin – Show Me What You Got
Joshua Morse – Pollyanna Bounce
Mazedude – Magicant Gamelan

Download HERE, stream it below!

Psychokinetic Album