Massive show tonight with PR megastar Stephanie Tinsley Fitzwilliams and our PlayStation Experience wrapup!

We start off the show in a classy way with Stephanie talking about her work with Tinsley PR and one of her recent titles to promote, Genital Jousting. Since things can only go down from here, we talk about some more Devolver games like Broforce, Shadow Warrior 2, Mother Russia Bleeds, and Absolver! We also question Devolver’s lack of Xbox releases because of course we ask that stuff. Add in some chat about PSX and general profanity, and Stephanie proves that she belongs on our show and we can’t wait to have her back!

After she leaves, we run down the complete PSX keynote covering all of the big news like The Last of Us Part II, remakes of Parappa, LocoRoco, WipeOut, and more, Knack 2 (shut up I’m excited) and tons more as well as Final Fantasy anniversary rumors, Xbox backward compatibility additions, Marvel vs. Capcom, Bulletstorm, and so much more. Plus giveaways and our reviews!

Maize from Finish Line Games is a ridiculous first person aventure game where scientists accidentally created sentient corn. Furi from The Game Bakers is a fast paced boss rush game with sword fighting and dual stick shooting. Battalion Commander from SPL is a highly addictive vertical scrolling shooter with upgrades and expanding squads. The Keeper of 4 Elements from SPL is an elemental based tower defense game.

Pernell Vaughn of Rhythm and Pixels covers Amnesia: The Collection from Frictional Games, a collection of all three Amnesia titles sure to make you piss yourself in fear repeatedly. Finally, Jacob Garner gives us his attempted “review” of Clockwork Empires from Gaslamp Games, a colony builder with some video card issues, and he also give us his opinions on Mobile Strike from Machine Zone and Daniel Tiger’s Stop & Go Potty from Schell Games despite them not being official assignments because apparently we don’t know him he do what he want?

Music this week is a three pack of our Christmas songs from last year to kick off the holiday season on SML!

The Tiberian Sons – Hell March Freezes Over
Jeff Ball – Break Down the Walls (Lazy Christmas Version)
Kris Huber – A Very Castle Crashers Christmas

Download HERE, stream below!