Fun show with three of the fine folks from Ripstone Games joining the fun!

Before we get to our guests, we have some Bastion info and then some reviews to tackle, so let’s get right to the featured games! Robinson: The Journey from Crytek is an absolutely gorgeous adventure game on a stranded prehistoric planet for the PSVR. How We Soar from Penny Black Studios is a beautiful and relaxing game of soaring on the back of a phoenix. Tennis in the Face from 10tons brings the hilarious physics action to the Xbox One. Bridge Constructor Stunts from Headup Games takes the bridge building you love and puts YOU behind the wheel.

The Dwarves from KING Art Games and THQ Nordic is a beautiful and well written real time tactical RPG. Wand Wars from Moonradish Games mixes wizards, magic, and dodgeball to get a party started. Henry Jones reviews Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure, an off the wall adventure game from COWCAT on PS Vita. Ryan Underwood reviews the crossover waifu 2D fighter NITROPLUS BLASTERZ: HEROINES INFINITE DUEL from EXAMU and XSEED Games, now with all DLC and even more capial letters!

Oh. And then I talk about a NEW CONTEST. Want to win a Dead Rising Snowglobe as well as digital copies of Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2 Off the Record all on Xbox One courtesy of Capcom? LISTEN TO THE SHOW FOR INFO. Yeah, I’m gonna make you listen. It’s about an hour or so in. Do some work for once!

After a quick intermission, I welcome Michelle Turner, Hollie Pattison, and Mike Rose from Ripstone Games joined the party to chat all things Ripstone including their games Pure Pool, Pure Chess, Extreme Exorcism, and more! Plus we talk about their own insane Twitch streams, how they routinely give each other unibrows, and their Christmas party plans! We also don’t at all cover their future projects because they aren’t ready to talk about them, so maybe next year.

Barring the intermission music, this show’s music is a pack of brand new Christmas remixes guaranteed to ensure your Christmas is not holly and/or jolly!

Ailsean – You Done Good Kid (Skylanders Christmas) (Intermission)
Mustin – Sacrifice (Secret of Mana Claus)
Jeff Ball – Santa Claus is Coming to Drown
el zeratulo – Ornamented Overworld Overture (Gargoyle’s Questmas)

Download HERE, Stream below!