Jayson Napolitano of Scarlet Moon Records joins the party on today’s episode so let’s get going!

The show kicks off with a Cargo Cult: Shoot’n’Loot correction from our last episode as well as four quickie game reviews! Mother Russia Bleeds is a visceral and demented side scrolling beat-em-up with super solid gameplay from Le Cartel Studio and Devolver Digital. Crypt of the Serpent King from Rendercode Games is a first person hack and slash roguelight dungeon adventure. FEIST from Bits and Beasts is a survival adventure with stunning visuals. Momonga Pinball Adventures is a cute and casual adventure game with pinball game mechanics from Paladin Studios, Seaven Studio, and Plug In Digital.

After a brief intermission, I’m joined by Jason Napolitano of Scarlet Moon records along with guest co-host Ai Nakamura to chat all things Scarlet Moon including their recently released 2016 Christmas Album, the recent Materia album, as well as the reason Ai joined, their new Undertale album Prescription for Sleep: Undertale! It’s over 90 minutes of laughter, fun, and talking about Grant Henry doing an album cover shirtless!

Music this episode is four tracks from the Scarlet Moon Christmas 2016 album!

Justin Lassen – Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 64)
Mustin – Christmas Garden (Yoshi’s Island)
Materia РAspertia City Winter (Pokémon Black & White 2)
Dale North – Peaceful Christmas (Chrono Trigger)

Download it HERE, stream below!



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