It’s the landmark 250th episode of SML and what better way to celebrate than with some of our favorite people?

Mike Mika and Adam Rippon return to the show to help celebrate the occasion as well as talk about how they can’t talk about their projects, locking Adam in a green screen room, cross country train rides, Little Caesars, the Nintendo Switch, and whether or not Adam has any updates on Dragon Fantasy coming to Xbox!

After they head out, CJ returns from his stomach bug to handle talking about future EA Access additions and Shovel Knight pricing as well as a handful of Featured Games! Asdivine Hearts brings the fantastic 16 Bit styled KEMCO RPG to the PS3, PS4, and PS Vita with Cross Buy. Don’t Open the Doors from Anton Riot is a crazy claymation styled action adventure game.

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse from Jordan Scott and Rooster Teeth Games brings the hit series to game consoles for four player online action. Supermagical from Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team and Tama Games is a color matching puzzle game with gorgeous visuals and tons of levels. Toby: The Secret Mine from Lukas Navratil and Headup Games is a beautiful 2D puzzle platformer with silhouette style visuals in the vein of LIMBO.

Finally, this episode ends with the 20 minute long Dwelling of Duels winner from Prince uf Darkness, Ailsean, Flik, Connor Engstrom, & Wild_Cat!

Stemage – CNTR (Intermission)
PuD’s Studs – Bike Kid: The Musical

Download HERE, stream below!