Fun one tonight with a ton of guests and reviews, so let’s get to it!

The show kicks off as I’m joined by Erin Reynolds of Flying Mollusk to chat about the recent Xbox One release of her game Nevermind, a psychological horror game about going into the minds of the abused and tormented. Given the scary subject matter, I had to bring some backup, so Cole Martin and Ryan Underwood join the party as well to chat about the game, the cases, the biofeedback technology and how it changes the game, and goats because Cole is on and that happens.

After the interview, CJ joins to dive into our usual news like the February PlayStation Plus game lineup, Xbox Backward Compatibility additions, bad news about Skate 4, a Morrowind expansion to Elder Scrolls Online, and the dick sliders in Conan Exiles making the headlines. Plus our reviews!

Wood comes back to cover side scrolling brawler Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle from Bandai Namco. Henry Jones joins us to talk the dungeon crawling waifu punisher Criminal Girls: Invite Only, on Steam from NIS America. Chris Taylor joins to talk about SML favorite Quest of Dungeons, out now on PS4 from Upfall Studios as well as Alwa’s Awakening from Elden Pixels, a gorgeous 8-bit adventure game.

The Sun and Moon is a brutally difficult puzzle platformer with a gravitational twist from Daniel Linssen and Digerati Distribution. I Am Bread is a ridiculous physics frustration platformer from Bossa Studios that finally made the journey to Xbox One. Wells is a steampunk styled run and gun from Tower Up Studios. The Assembly is a first person interactive adventure game from nDreams that covers two separate storylines.

We end the show with a few songs from Viking Guitar’s Danse Macabre 5 project from last October to go along with the horror of Nevermind!

Viking Guitar – Get Gonked
Stemage – TerrorVision
Steel Samurai – Baroquebusters
Mega Beardo – Phantasm

Download HERE, stream below!