LOOT is back and that means a lot of craziness is going down!

Before the madness, we kick things off with a few reviews! Shizblacka reviews the twin stick Mars survival game Subterrain from Pixellore. Subject 13 from Paul Cuisset and Microids is a puzzle adventure mystery in an abandoned scientific facility. Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic is an insane and addictive RPG/roguelike from The Bitfather and Headup Games. Double Dragon IV from Arc System Works is an all new game picking up after the events of Double Dragon II.

After a quick break, David Sterling and Jason Sorensen of LOOT Interactive join the show, along with Shawn “Shizblacka” Paterson to chat about the newest project from LOOT, the VR social experience Hollywood Hills Mansion. Hear about the creation of the virtual party including streaming videos, live concerts, and holograms of Jason sitting on a couch eating cheetos. Maybe not the last one.

We also cover tons of topics ranging from current games, achievement hunting, the Nintendo Switch, and even more stories of Shakey’s Pizza trips. And we still can’t convince them to release Velocibox on the Xbox One. I’m trying. You guys gotta start sending them emails about it.

Music this show is a few songs from the ZODIAC: Final Fantasy Tactics Remixed album from Materia Collective!

Mois├ęs Nieto – Pub
Klaymore – Decisive Battle
Sean Schafianski – Trichotomy (Trisection)
Ferdk – Run Past Through the Plain

Download HERE, stream below!