Even when we try to go with a shorter show to get to our Spheroids interview, things always find a way to go long.

The show kicks off with us chatting about my recent internet issues and my happenings with Comcast before we discuss the recent Humble Freedom Bundle, the number of games given away, and how people still find a way to complain about stuff like the Freedom Bundle before that leads into us talking PS Plus and Games With Gold and things just devolve from there before Featured Games! And we talk about Desert Bus too?

Ride 2 from Milestone SRL is the sequel to the streetbike racer with more content and tons of improvements from the original. Guts and Glory from HakJak Productions and tinyBuild is a fantastically violent and insane survival racing game in Early Access. Robots in the Wild from Heatbox Games is a challenging puzzle/strategy game that mixes tower defense, Tetris, and Pipe Dreams to great results in Early Access. Jake Benlier reviews the deceptively difficult physics platformer iO from Gamious, which is impossible to find on web searches.

After a brief intermission, Eduardo Jimenez of Eclipse Games to talk about his latest release Spheroids, a fantastic blend of platformer and Pang/Buster Bros. gameplay that won over our hearts on the show! We chat about the game, development, previous Eclipse releases, future game plans, and how the music in Eclipse releases is always amazing!

And because the music is amazing, this episode features four tracks from the Spheroids OST! Grab it on Bandcamp!

Double Hilt – Red Bonsai Robots
Double Hilt – Sant in My Stopwatch
Double Hilt – The Electronic Republic
Double Hilt – The Future of the Old Country

Download HERE, stream below!