Awesome show tonight with Ian Flood of Yacht Club Games joining to chat all about Shovel Knight!

But before we get to the good stuff, we gotta kick things off with the news of the week including the March PlayStation Plus lineup, PSVR sales info, new Xbox BC titles, and all the big news on the Xbox Game Pass, a brand new Netflix style game service launching this Spring! Plus a few contests and Featured Games!

Trulon: The Shadow Engine from Kyy Games and Headup Games is an RPG in a world of steampunk and magic with a unique card combat system. Loot Rascals from Hollow Ponds is a super stylish, funny, and addictive hex based roguelike with an awesome stat management system. Djinn Caster from Chocoarts and KEMCO is a brand new mobile based action RPG using the power of Djinns. The Inner World from Studio Fizbin and Headup Games is a beautiful point and click adventure to save the world. DESYNC from The Forgone Syndicate and Adult Swim Games is an intense mission based first person action game.

After our musical intermission, Ian Flood of Yacht Club Games joins along with our friend Pernell Vaughn to talk all things Shovel Knight, the (at the time) impending Switch release, Yacht Club, and his time with WayForward! We cover everything from Double Dragon Neon to Specter of Torment all the way to $400 Collector Edition shovels made of chocolate. It’s a fantastic 90 minutes and you can expect us to beg Ian back in the future!

Music this show is a pack of Shovel Knight tracks!

Jake Kaufman – Shovel Knight Main Theme
Jeff Ball – Rough and Tumble
SuperSquare – No Sense Running

Download HERE, stream below!