It’s a “star” studded episode with the return of Adam Rippon and the first “guest” appearance from Kris Huber!

Since it’s my birthday this week, the first half of the show is some old school shenanigans with Adam and Kris dropping by to just chat and have fun. Adam also talks about how Dragon Fantasy on Xbox is more than 10% possible now as well as the recently announced Disney Afternoon Collection from Capcom which he worked on along with SML favorites Mike Mika and Bob Baffy! All good things must end though as we move on to news of the week including new BC titles, PS Now, and a rumored GameStop Summer Game Pass, plus featured games!

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 from Capcom is the definitive version of the MvC3 experience finally releasing on Xbox and Steam. Streets of Rogue is awesome mix of roguelike and brawling on Steam Early Access from Matt Dabrowski and tinyBuild. The Great Wobo Escape is a 2D stealth based puzzle platformer from Gamifi and Game Troopers.

Table Top Racing: World Tour brings the miniaturized racers and all the DLC over to the Xbox One from Playrise Digital. Cole Martin joins us to talk about the hilarious dating sim Kitty Powers Matchmaker from Magic Notion. Ryan Underwood joins to review the creepy “text adventure” compilation Stories Untold from No Code and Devolver Digital.

We end the show with tree tracks from Kris since he was nice enough to drop by and visit before making an excuse that he had to practice to go play For Honor instead!

Kris Huber & Ailsean – BARF! (River City Ransom)
Kris Huber – The Burning Sensation (Killer Instinct)
Kris Huber – Brain Scraps (Sonic)

Download the show HERE, stream it below!