The Prince of Persia drops by and lines are crossed this episode of SML!

The show kicks off with star of stage and screen David Autovino joining the show to talk about his latest voice acting role, being the Prince of Persia in the mobile title Soul Hunters! We also cover his history with X-Strike Studios in River City Rumble, his work with Fat Gatsby, performing on stage, and being a sea captain for a walk through museum tour. And way too much talk about bodily fluids. Seriously, we went a little….OVERBOARD! Once David heads out, we dive into Featured Games!

Leave the Nest from Kaio Interactive mixes first person flying with auto-runner style gameplay to addictive results on PSVR. Death Squared from SMG Studio is a fantastic co-operative puzzle game best enjoyed with loved ones who you don’t mind not loving anymore. We revisit Slime-san from Fabraz and Headup Games, a fast paced platformer with a great visual style.

Cole Martin joins to cover the distubring Gloomywood and Bigben Interactive mystery horror 2Dark, a story of child abductions and unspeakable crimes. Plus we borrow her from Xbox Gamer Reviews to review another excellent Artifex Mundi adventure Dark Arcana: The Carnival, their darkest title to date. A lot of dark. We end with a first opinion on the Flying Oak Games & Plug In Digital twin stick RPG shooter NeuroVoider, a fast paced roguelike you’ll come back to daily!

We end the show with three River City Ransom songs in honor of David’s starring role in River City Rumble!

Year 200X – Boss
Mazedude – River City Rammstein
VankiP – Kunio-kun’s Rampage

Download HERE, stream below!