This episode welcomes Kai Tuovinen of Frozenbyte to the show as well as guest co-host Pernell Vaughn!

We start the show with Pernell talking all of the news of the week including the spec reveal for Project Scorpio and our thoughts on the beast of a console, what it means for gamers, and whether any of it matters if the games aren’t there. We also cover the latest Xbox BC additions and EA Access news, an incredible Humble Bundle from THQ Nordic and PlayStation, and tons more! Plus featured games!

Pernell gives us his review of the retro 3D platformer styled Yooka-Laylee from Playtonic Games and Team 17. Cole Martin emails in her review of the old school adventure murder tale Thimbleweed Park from Terrible Toybox. Heroes of the Monkey Tavern is a hardcore retro first person dungeon crawler from Monkey Stories. Air Guitar Warrior from Virtual Air Guitar Company is a side scrolling shooter where YOU are the weapon.

Enter the Gungeon brings the incredible roguelike twin stick shooter to the Xbox One from Dodge Roll & Devolver Digital. Talent Not Included is a fantastic action platfomer stage show from Frima Studios. Skykeepers from Sword Twin Studios is a tough as nails side scrolling action platformer. KONA from Parabole and Ravenscourt brings the creepy adventure game to consoles!

After the break Kai of Frozenbyte joins the show to chat about their newest game Has-Been Heroes! We talk about the development of the game, working with GameStop/GameTrust, the difficulty and unique gameplay style, and tons more. Plus some quick talk about their future release Nine Parchments and my continued begging for an Xbox One release for Shadwen and the Trine Trilogy.

Since we have FROZENbyte on the show, this episode features music with some form of snowy inspiration!

CarboHydroM – Flgiht of Santa Man (Mega Man)
Mega Beardo – Serpent on a Mountain Cold (Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll)
Joshua Morse – Winters & Morse (EarthBound)
Triforce Quartet – Mines of Narshe (Final Fantasy VI)

Download HERE, stream below!