David Lloyd and Barney Cumming of Powerhoof join the show to chat about their new game Crawl!

Before the guests join the show, though, Cole Martin joins us as we cover all the news of the week including Black Ops II becoming playable on Xbox One, Microsoft testing out self service refunds, Remedy going multiplatform, new EA Access Vault additions, and Nintendo making the incredibly wise and obvious decision to cease production of the NES Classic. Plus featured games!

Aaero is a fantastic and stylish rhythm shooter with an incredible soundtrack from Mad Fellows and Reverb Triple XP. Snow Moto Racing Freedom from Zordix AB lets you ride high speed Snocross across vast winter landscapes. Has-Been Heroes from Frozenbyte and GameTrust is an addictive and challenging land-based roguelike. Use Your Words is a hilarious phone based party game from Smiling Buddha Games.

Cole Martin also lends her expertise with two games! Blackwood Crossing is an emotional first person adventure about life and loss from PaperSeven Studio. The Sexy Brutale from Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works is a stylish, never-ending masquerade ball of murder and you gotta save everybody.

After a quick intermission, David and Barney join the show to chat about their four player competitive dungeon crawler, the aptly named Crawl! We talk about development of the game, fan feedback through the game’s early access time on Steam, and plenty of viewer questions from our live Beam broadcast. Plus discussion on screwing over your friends, dream collector’s edition contents, and whether or not we’ll ever see Regular Human Basketball on consoles!

Since Aaero reminded me so much of Gitaroo Man, let’s end the show with some Gitaroo Man music!

Gitaroo Man – Overpass
Gitaroo Man – Tainted Lovers
Gitaroo Man – Metal Header
Ailsean – Legendary Rock (Gitaroo Man)

Download HERE, stream below!