This show, Scott Wells and Drew Etterle join the show to talk about thier band Moiré Effect!

Before we get to the headliners, though, we kick off with our opening act Pernell Vaughn joining me to tackle some reviews! A Rose in the Twilight from NIS America is a gorgeous 2D puzzle platformer in a castle devoid of color and time. RBI Baseball 17 is the latest pick up and play baseball title from Major League Baseball Advanced Media. Crawl from Powerhoof is an insane four player competitive dungeon crawler.

Chris Taylor reviews Dragon Sinker, the latest (and greatest?) retro-style fantasty RPG from KEMCO and Exe Create. Ryan Underwood reviews ECHOPLEX, a cyber-horror puzzle game set in a mind-bending near future world from Output Games and indienova. Plus I tackle two more titles in the ACA NEOGEO series from Hamster Corporation, the 2D fighter Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors and side scrolling, time hopping brawler Sengoku 2!

After the break, Scott and Drew join the show to chat about their band Moiré Effect, how they started off as a grunge garage band and returned years later to start covering video game songs, and tons more. Plus the craziness of MAGFest, the wonders of copyrights, and gaming as you get older.

The show ends with a handful of songs from Moiré Effect including their latest DuckTales Power Ballad and their amazing TOOL cover. Plus intermission music from the game Bio Metal! It’ll make sense if you listen…

Bio Metal – Main Theme (Intermission)
Moiré Effect – To the Moon (DuckTales)
Moiré Effect – God From the Machine (Deus Ex)
Moiré Effect – Forty Six & 2 (TOOL Cover)

Download HERE, stream below!