Awesome episode with David Chen of Honor Code and Narcosis voice actor Jeff Mattas joining the show!

The show kicks off with David Chen joining along with guest co-host Cole Martin to discuss the game Narcosis from Honor Code. We talk about the haunting mood of the game, how it’s grounded in reality without the need for supernatural, and a dead hamster. We also talk about the fantastic voice acting which leads to David calling up Narcosis lead voice actor Jeff Mattas to join us as well for the rest of the interview! Lots of stories, lots of laughs, and lots of hamster talk!

After David and Jeff head out, CJ finally gets around to joining to tag out Cole as well and it’s business as usual with news of the week! We discuss the LucidSound wireless Xbox headset announcement, Far Cry 5 rumors, new Need for Speed announcement, Mass Effect and Hitman shelvings as well as the impending sale of IO Interactive, and more rumors of Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy hitting other consoles! Plus Featured Games!

Flatout 4: Total Insanity from Kylotonn Games and Bigben Interactive is the Flatout action you love and missed, redeeming the series after Flatout 3. NBA Playgrounds from Saber Interactive and Mad Dog Games is over the top 2 on 2 arcade basketball action. Lethal League is an insane, fast paced, four player projectile fighting game from Team Reptile. Long Stitch Goodnight from Well Bred Rhino is a hand drawn Metroidvania style game to escape a crazy doctor.

GNOG is a gorgeous and stylish puzzle box game from KO_OP Studios and Double Fine that is best in PSVR. Moonshot Galaxy from Liftoff Labs and Big Fish Games is an addive space golf game in VR. World to the West is a top down action adventure followup to Teslagrad with four unique characters from Rain Games and SOEDESCO.

We end the show with three songs from The Tiberian Sons!

The Tiberian Sons – Power Metal Squad (Thunderforce IV & FFVII)
The Tiberian Sons – Hell March to the Apocalypse (Command & Conquer)
The Tiberian Sons – A Coelo Usque Ad Centrum (Actraiser)

Download HERE, stream below!