Packed show with tons of guest reviews and Alex Verrey of LucidSound joining!

We kick things off with Pernell Vaughn joining to lead off the reviews! Butcher from Transhuman Design and Crunching Koalas is a fast paced and gory 2D twin stick shooter. Demon’s Crystals from Byte4Games and BadLand Games is an arena based twin stick wave shooter. Mayan Death Robots: Arena from Sileni Studios is a crazy blend of tower defense, Worms, and Tetris?

Tom Miller joins to review Super Rude Bear Resurrection from Alex Rose Games, a brutally difficult 2D platformer with a unique corpse mechanic for the more casual. Henry Jones reviews Birthdays the Beginning from Toybox Inc. and NIS America, a world builder with temperature mechanics and a unique visual style.

Kris Huber makes his long awaited return to the show to chat his latest happenings, Rock Band news, and to review the bloody first person shooter straight out of the 90s, STRAFE, from Pixel Titans and Devolver Digital. Cole Martin wraps up the reviews with the intense deep sea survival game Narcosis from Honor Code and Dreamfall Chapters from Red Thread Games and Deep Silver, a massive story of choices, consequences, and shaping history.

After a quick break, Alex Verrey of LucidSound, among other companies, joins to chat about the LucidSound lineup of gaming headsets including the recently unveiled LS35X, the first ever announced fully wireless headset for the Xbox One! We chat about the full LucidSound lineup, plans for E3 and future products, and the other various companies that Alex works with and represents! He is a busy, busy dude!

Music this episode is a nice pack of songs from Viking Guitar!

Viking Guitar – Get Gonked (Dawn of the Dead)
Viking Guitar – Scorched Earth (Zelda A Link to the Past)
Mega Beardo, Stemage, Viking Guitar – Blue Burrr (Sonic 3)

Download HERE, stream below!