News, sales, The Surge, and Mike Coeck of Cybernetic Walrus all on this episode of SML!

We kick things off with the news of the week including the massive Xbox Backward Compatibility sale and our recommendations, Phantom Dust HD’s surprise (and free!) release, new IO Interactive info, rumors of a mobile Zelda game, Ubisoft’s busy week, and tons more. Plus game giveaways and Featured Games!

The Surge from Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive is a visceral futuristic Soulslike with cybernetic dismemberment and stunning visuals. It’s not for the casuals, but absolutely worth it for everybody else! Deemo: The Last Recital from Rayark and PM Studios is a touchscreen piano playing rhythm game to help a lost girl return home.

Seasons After Fall is a beautiful puzzle platformer hitting consoles from Swing Swing Submarine and Focus Home Interactive. Human: Fall Flat from No Brakes Games and Curve Digital is a quirky physics based puzzler with floating dreamscapes and ragdoll physics awesomeness. Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island from Right Nice Games and Grip Digital is an homage to the 3D platformers of our youth that isn’t filled with needless padding.

After a quick break, Mike Coeck of Cybernetic Walrus joins to chat about his game Antigraviator, a fast paced mix of F-Zero and Wipeout influences with the stage destruction elements of Split/Second. We talk about the game’s origins as a student project, the Kickstarter campaign and some of the perks available, what happens for the game if the campaign fails, future plans for the game, and tons more! Go check out the Kickstarter and then play some Split/Second!

Music this episode is a handful of sample tracks from the Antigraviator soundtrack from composter Michael Maas! Oh, and an intermission theme from some Stemage guy…

Stemage – CNTR (Intermission)
Michael Maas – Untitled Antigraviator Sample 1
Michael Maas – Untitled Antigraviator Sample 2
Michael Maas – Untitled Antigraviator Sample 3

Download HERE, stream below!