Big show with tons of reviews and an awesome Gorescript interview as well!

We kick things off with two quick giveaways before diving into reviews. Tokyo 42 from SMAC Games and Mode 7 is a stylish isometic open-world shooter of assassins and cats. Flat Heroes from Parallel Circles and Deck13 is a minimalist and intense multiplayer game of jumping and survival. Cole Martin joins to review the final episode of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier from Telltale Games and give her stamp on the season as a whole.

Jacob Garner emails in reviews of Monster Buster: World Invasion from Tag of Joy, a real world monster hunter on mobile, and Bambosher from Saurus Productions, an auto-runner fighting back against bullies. Pernell Vaughan joins to review Lock’s Quest, an action RPG/tower defense hybrid from Digital Continue and THQ Nordic. A Hole New World is an NES style action platformer of two differnet mirrored worlds from Mad Gear Games & Dolores Entertainment. Pernell covers Thea: The Awakening, an incredibly deep turn based strategy/survival game from MuHa Games.

After a quick break, we are joined by Sergiu Bucur, developer of the retro first person shooter throwback Gorescript, as well as Nikolaos Chatzigeorgiadis from publisher AmusedSloth and owner of one of the greatest last names I’ve ever heard. We chat about developement of the game, inspirations and influences, and we spend WAAAAY too much time focusing on that amazing name.

Music this episode is a pack of songs from Gorescript!

Satsuma – Vindication (Intermission)
Satsuma – Omnivortex
Satsuma – Knee Deep
Satsuma – Bone Crunching

Download HERE, stream below!