It’s almost E3 but we’re gearing up with news and reviews!

We kick things off with the news of the week including E3 rumors, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2’s annoucement, the return of Bubsy (that is stupidly only planned for PS4 & Steam), more power being available for Scorpio developers, and news from the recent Pokemon direct! Plus a Spellspire giveaway and Featured Games!

We lead off with Pernell Vaughan joining us to cover DiRT 4 from Codemasters, the latest in the always fantastic off road rally racing series. Victor Vran: Overkill Edition by Haemimont Games and Wired Productions is an awesome isometic action-RPG with some insane Motorhead themed content available. CJ previews Sudden Strike 4 from Kite Games and Kalypso Media Digital, the newest entry in the RTS series hits this August!

SUPERBEAT: XONiC from PM Studios, Nurijoy, and acttil is a content packed rhythm game making it’s debut on PS4 and Xbox. Cole Martin joins to cover Episode 2 of the Telltale Games Guardians of the Galaxy series. Refunct from Dominique Grieshofer is a nice and quick first person parkour platformer. AereA is a music themed action RPG to bring peace to the world from Triangle Studios and SOEDESCO. ZAZEN: Zen Mediation Game is a Kinect enabled meditation experience from Nangok Software.

Music this show is a pack of songs from the always awesome Grant “Stemage” Henry!

Stemage – Mercury
Stemage – Zero Over Zero
Stemage – The GRID

Download HERE, stream below!