Final show before we tackle all of the E3 madness, so let’s do some reviews and general chattery!

The show kicks off with CJ (who claims he’s only on for his one review) and Cole Martin covering Plutobi: The Dwarf Planet from XINESS Games, a tale of Pluto wanting to prove it’s a real planet after all. Jump Stars from Pixel Blimp and Curve Digital is a local multiplayer party game to escape an insane game show. Cole Martin also coveres Perception from The Deep End Games and Feardemic, the story of a blind woman solving an ancient mystery.

Ryan Underwood joins to cover Conarium, a Lovecraftian style horror adventure game from Zoetrope Interactive and Iceberg Interactive. Pernell Vaughan covers Neighborhorde, an adorable couch co-op shoot em up from Fermenter Games. Pernell also reviews Illusoria, a stylish 2D action platformer from Under the Bridge and Badland Games. Dead Age from Silent Dreams and Headup Games is a blend of survival games and RPG battles out now on mobile!

Music this show is a lineup of songs covering ALL the E3 contenders! Mega Beardo covers Nintnedo, The OneUps cover PlayStation, WASD hits the PC crowd, and Josh Barron & The ETHEReal String Quartet tackle Xbox!

Mega Beardo – World 666 (Super Mario Bros. 3)
The OneUps – Zeus, I’ve Got a Feeling Your Whole Family’s Going Down (God of War II)
WASD – Not Even Death Can Save You (Diablo)
Josh Barron & The ETHEReal String Quartet – Honor, Sacrifice, Glory (Halo 2)

Download HERE, stream below!