Andrew Bennison of Prospect Games joins us this show to talk about UNBOX: Newbies Adventure!

Seriously hope you guys weren’t getting used to those shorter shows of late because things are about to kick into high gear with this episode and we start with our usual batch of reviews! Zak Lyons joins the show for the first time in quite a while to review the dual screen platformer 6180 the moon, now on New Nintendo 3DS from Turtle Cream! Tom Miller reviews AFTERGRINDER from Grave Danger Games and Meridian4, a hardcore arcade runner waiting to punish you.

Pernell Vaughan reviews Antihero from Tim Conkling and Versus Evil, a fast paced mutliplayer strategy game of stealth and assassinations. Chris Taylor reviews Antiquia Lost, the newest retro RPG on Steam from KEMCO and Exe Create. Chris also gives his first preview of RPG Maker FES from Kadokawa Games and NIS America and discusses his plans for an SML RPG! George ‘norg’ Nowik reviews Shephy, a challenging sheep based puzzle game on Nintendo Switch from Arc System Works.

After a quick break, we return with Andrew Bennison of Prospect Games to discuss their game UNBOX: Newbie’s Adventure, an open world platform adventure of sentient boxes! We discuss the creation of the game, the initial Steam release and subsequent console ports, and the dark inner workings of the human mind. Plus CJ shows up halfway through and we laugh about time zones and daylight saving time being stupid! It’s an awesome chat for sure!

Music this episode is from Danimal Cannon off of his Lunaria album since Chris had to go and mention it!

Danimal Cannon – Interlude
Danimal Cannon – Lunaria (feat. Emily Yancey)
Danimal Cannon – Long Live the New Fresh (Original Mix)
Danimal Cannon – Halo of Dust

Download HERE, stream below!