Mel Kirk of Zen Studios joins the second half of this monster episode!

Before the interview, the show kicks off with our usual reviews and Tom Miller takes the lead tonight! Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is a relaxing exploratory adventure game from Prideful Sloth. Greg Middleton writes in a review of Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom, the hidden object puzzler hits PS4 from World-Loom Games and Artifex Mundi. Then back to Tom Miller as he reviews Suicide Guy from Fabio Ferrara and Chubby Pixel, a journey to escape your dreams before it’s too late.

Pernell Vaughan covers Super Cloudbuilt from Coilworks and Double Eleven, a breathtakingly beautiful mix of free running and shooting. Chris Taylor talks Asdivine Cross the newest 3DS retro RPG from Exe Create and KEMCO as well as the difficult retro platformer Cursed Castilla from Locomalito and Abylight Studios. Cole Martin reviews the trippy arcade style on rails shoot-em-up Gridd: Retroenhanced from Antab Studio and Kongregate.

George Nowik reviews Death Squared, the co-operative puzzler from SMG Studio is now on Nintendo Switch with bonus content. Bulb Boy from Bulbware is a crazy and stylish point and click style adventure game to rid the monsters from your home. Finally CJ shows up for DeadCore, a platformer-FPS ascent up a massive tower from 5 Bits Games and Grip Digital! All that and a giveaway and we didn’t even get to the guests!

After the break, Mel Kirk of Zen Studios joins to talk about Infinite Minigolf and Pinball FX3 and we all know when pinball is brought up, Grant Henry is never far behind! We cover the whole lineup of Zen including the already mentioned Minigolf and Pinball FX as well as talking Castlestorm (and the upcoming Castlestorm VR), unifying the Pinball brands under the FX label, upcoming projects, and whether or not Kickbeat will ever return. A fantastic hour with Mel for sure! Grant was ok too, I guess.

Finally, with Grant on the show, we obvioulsy feature music from him including two unreleased special tracks!

Stemage – Sorb Oiram Repus (Super Mario Bros.)
Stemage – Djwarf Fordjress 2 (Team Fortress 2)
Stemage & Chris Dlugosz – Prolapse (Castlevania)
Stemage – Walk the Earth Part 2

Download HERE, stream below!