Another huge show as Andrew Schneider joins to talk about his game Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood!

Before that, we’ve got reviews to tackle! Namco Museum from Bandai Namco is a collection of 10 old school arcade games as well as Pac-Man Vs. on the Nintendo Switch. Pernell Vaughan reviews Aven Colony, a massive space based colony builder from Mothership Entertainment and Team17. Pernell also previews The Escapists 2 from Mouldy Toof Studios and Team17, the prison builder returns later in August!.

Greg Middleton writes in his review of SUPERHOT VR from SUPERHOT Team, the fantastic FPS where time only moves when you move now on PSVR. Jacob Garner writes in reviews of Andrew Schneider’s choose your own text adventure Nocked! as well as hardcore platformer The Adventures of Spunk & Splat from Bolder Games.

Tim Ekkebus joins to review Redeemer from Sobaka Studio & Gambitious Digital Entertainment, an old school brawler giving you one last shot at redemption. Finally, Tom Miller joins as he covers Techwars Online 2 from Argus Games, IGP, and Promo Trade Toys LLC a massively online mech shooter on Steam Eearly Access. Tom also reviews 3D precision platformer Super Lovely Planet from QUICKTEQUILA!

After a quick break, Andrew Schneider joins to dicuss his game Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood, out now on iOS! We talk about going from author to game creator, the branching paths of a choose your own adventure project, plans for other platforms, the artwork of the game, and tons more. A nice long chat for a great game!

Music this episode is a pack of songs from MAGFest legends Rare Candy who just released their new EP The Evolutioning!

Rare Candy – Turtles
Rare Candy – The Legend of Zelda
Rare Candy – Gradius
Rare Candy – Mario Castle

Download HERE, stream below!