Pinball worlds collide on the premiere episode of Ball Squad!

Mike Lindsey of Farsight Studios and Pinball Arcade joins the show once again along with Mel Kirk of Zen Studios and Pinball FX as competing pinball brands team up for the first time ever for the least important platform ever! And we all know by now that when pinball is happening, Grant Henry is along for the ride! It’s a Dream Team of Pinball!

We talk about what’s new on both platforms, what’s on the way, and tons more. From licensing discussion across the two platforms to picking favorite tables from the other game, it’s over 80 minutes of ball talk! Discussing how tables are found and sold, pinball charity streams and hopes for future collaborations for a stream of their own, to non-pinball discussion as well (including those dreaded straight Infinite Minigolf courses) it’s a once in a lifetime chat for sure. You know, until Ball Squad Episode II!

After all is said and done we STILL have the rest of the actual show including the news of the week like new Xbox BC games, microtransactions hitting Shadow of War, game announcements, and the recent influx of Steam releases. Oh yeah, and that horrible new Xbox dashboard that’s in preview testing. We are NOT happy with that thing. All that plus a giveaway and game reviews!

Mr. Shifty from Team Shifty and tinyBuild is a fast paced, top down, action brawler. BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition from FiolaSoft is a 2D physics based puzzle platformer that will crush your hopes and dreams. Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator from Vile Monarch is a competitive word game where the goal is to shame your opponent with the power of insults.

Crashday Redline Edition from Moonbyte and 2tainment brings the cult classic multiplayer racer back with new features and Steam Workshop support. Darkmika emails in a review of The Shrouded Isle from Kitfox Games, a stylish management sim with a unique cult-like twist. Finally, Cole Martin joins us to review Sine Mora EX, the gorgeous, time manipulating side scrolling shmup from Digital Reality, Grasshopper Manufacture, and THQNordic!

The show ends with three songs from guest co-host and SML favorite Grant “Stemage” Henry who also provided the very special Ball Squad theme song used in the episode!

Stemage – Red Ribbon
Stemage – Astronaut
Stemage – Barossa

Download HERE, stream below!