Tons of reviews this episode, so buckle up and let’s get going!

We kick off with Pernell Vaughan joining to review Blacksea Odyssey, a top down rogue-lite shoot ’em up RPG from Blacksea Odyssey and Spiral Summit Games. Jacob Garner writes in a review of mindjacking adventure game Technobabylon from Technocrat Games and Wadjet Eye Games. Back to Pernell for Circuit Breakers, a top down twin stick arcade style shooter from Triverske and Excalibur Games. Henry Jones joins to chat the gorgeous first person dungeon crawling RPG Severed from DrinkBox Studios.

Tim Ekkebus reviews Defenders of Ekron from In Vitro Games, a mix of shmup and adventure game. Tim also talks Nidhogg II from Messhof, the 2D sidescrolling fighter is back with a fresh coat of paint and plenty of insanity. Tim also chats a bit about Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice from Ninja Theory because he really likes it and wanted to talk about it! Tom Miller reviews Miner Meltdown, an action packed, team based multiplayer spelunk-em-up from Mighty Pebble Games.

Chris Taylor reviews the top down platformer/shooter Eliosi’s Hunt from TDZ Games. Finally, George ‘norg’ Nowik joins for a pack of Switch games! Qbics Paint is a fun sculpting and painting experience from Abylight Studios. Gunbarich melds Arkanoid and Pinball in this home release of the 2001 aracde game from Zerodiv. STRIKERS1945 is a top down bullet hell style shooter arcade game straight from 1995, also from Zerodiv.

Music this show is from our good friend Bob Baffy since he did the music for Miner Meltdown. Sadly, I couldn’t get my hands on that soundtrack yet, so classic Baffy it is!

Bob Baffy – Dead Pimp (Death Jr.)
Bob Baffy – In Game (IDARB)
Bob Baffy – The Basement (Death Jr.)
Bob Baffy – Credits II (IDARB)
Bob Baffy – Medium Pace

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