An absolutely packed show tonight and we kick things off with Danny Garfield, developer of The Metronomicon and voice actor David Autovino!

We chat about the creation of The Metronomicon, additions to the Slay the Dance Floor version of the game, how David got his role in the game and then a few more, and tons more. From the decision to mix RPG elements with a rhythm game to discussing our favorite rhythm games, we cover it all! We even find out the record speedrun time for what SHOULD be a 3 hour marathon of all the songs of the amazing soundtrack! It’s an awesome chat you can’t miss!

After Danny and David head out, we cover the news of the week including Games With Gold for September, the Xbox Gamescom event and all the various news from that, the SNES Classic preorder dabacle, a Vive price drop, Fear Effect’s return, new Injustice fighters, a new Metroid vechicle in Rocket League, and a ton more! Plus a boatload of reviews!

Pillars of the Earth is a gorgeous adventure game from Daedalic Entertainment. Spartan is a 2D action platformer from Sinister Cyclops Game Studio, Original Journey is a hand drawn sci-fi action adventure from Bonfire Entertainment and Another Indie. Battle of the Bulge is a WW2 era board game style strategy title from Shenandoah Studio & Slitherine Software. Cole Martin reviews the mind hacking horror game >observer_ from Bloober Team & Aspyr and 2D platform shooter Bleed from Bootdisk Revolution & Digerati Distribution.

Chris Taylor covers rogue-like dungeon crawler NeverEnd from Duck & Sometimes You. Chris goes head to head with Greg Middleton on a review of 2D puzzle platformer Dark Mystery from Yash Future Tech Solutions. Boost Beast is an addictive match 3 puzzler/tower defense hybrid from Arzest & Arc System Works. Finally, Piczle Lines DX is a content packed line drawing puzzler from Score Studios & Rainy Frog.

We end the show with three tracks from The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor from some SML favorites!

Ben Briggs – Methods
Viking Guitar – Dropship
Stemage – Fat Man in the Pool

Download HERE, stream below!