Buckle up for a massive double interview episode covering West of Loathing and the Spira album from Materia Collective!

The show kicks off with guest co-host Pernell Vaughan joining as we welcome Zack Johnson and Kevin Simmons of Asymmetric to the show to chat about their recently released slapSTICK RPG West of Loathing! We chat about the creation of the game, influences, the off the wall humor, crazy hidden easter eggs, and tons more! Fun chat for a fun game!

After that, we tackle a few reviews kicking off with Chris Taylor covering Elminage Original, an old school first person dungeon crawling RPG from Starfish & Ninja Games Japan. Pernell returns to talk three games! Mononoke Forest is an adorable village sim puzzler from cribee & GAMEDO. SwapQuest is a puzzle RPG in the vein of Pipe Dreams from Rebusmind. Adventure Puzzle Blockle from Intense Co. Ltd. is a level rotating puzzle adventure to help the beautiful Arika.

Hex Martinez reviews Jackbox Party Pack 1 and Jackbox Party Pack 2 from Jackbox Games, two party game collections including titles like Quiplash, Fibbage, Drawful, and You Don’t Know Jack now on the Switch! Finally, Greg Middleton writes in a review of the choose your own adventure style Book of Regrets from Synodic Arc! All that and we STILL have another interview!

After one more break, Emily McMillan and Joe Chen join the show to discuss the new Final Fantasy X arrange album SPIRA from Materia Collective! They talk about organizing the monster project, splitting the 100 tracks up to two separate albums, the various styles and genres covered as well as the dozens of musicians involved, and tons more!

Obviously when we talk to musicians, we play music from their projects so this episode features five tracks from SPIRA sprinkled throughout the show!

Joshua Taipale, Andrew Filipski, Lee Neikirk, & Mitchell Cairns – Blues for Jecht
Andrew Filipski – Rock de Chocobo
Jordan Chin & Matheus Manente – Decisive Battle
Jacob Pernell – Bollywood Battle
Sauraen, Triforce Quartet, Andrew Filipski, Sean Schafianski – Prelude

Download HERE, stream below!