Tons of guests including two guest co-hosts and an interview with Paweł Lekki of EXOR Studios about their game X-Morph Defense!

The show kicks off with our two guest co-hosts and Tim Ekkebus joins for the whole show and Kris Huber makes his SML return as we get our chat on! We talk Mario + Rabbids Kindom Battle, Kris being excited for the Xbox One X and Tim’s complete apathy for it, LA Noire’s return, Destiny 2 shaders, Dead Rising 4 on PS4, and Shovel Knight getting more amiibo! Plus we give away some Surfing goodness and tackle reviews as well as a few on the side with Cole Martin!

Killing Floor 2 from Tripwire Interactive brings the fantastic wave based zed killer to Xbox One. Royal Sefton emails in a review of AeternoBlade, a time twisting metroidvania style hack and slasher from Corecell Technology. Don’t Knock Twice is a first person horror game based on the urban legend from Wales Interactive. Greg Middleton writes in a review of Still Time, a time bending puzzle platformer from Alan Zucconi.

White Noise 2 from Milkstone Studios is a 4v1 horror experience ready to stand (monster) toe to (killer) toe with Friday the 13th. Greg writes in a second review for the cute and cuddly wave shooter Sneaky Bears on PSVR from War Ducks. Squish and the Corrupted Crystal is a fast paced puzzle platformer from Cheat Code Studios. Masquerada: Songs and Shadows is a real time tactial RPG with a stellar story and voice work from Witching Hour Studios and Ysbryd Games.

After a quick break, Paweł Lekki from EXOR Studios joins the show to chat about X-Morph Defense! We talk about the creation of the tower defense and twin stick shooter hybrid, the desire to mash up the two genres and how to cater to both audiences, the unique mazing aspect, boss battles, future DLC plans, level editor discussion, and tons more. Awesome chat for an equally awesome game!

This episode features music from our good friend Mazedude to celebrate his brand new Comix Zone remix along with some older classics!

Mazedude – Mazedude’s Kitchen (Adventures of Lolo)
Mazedude – Nine Inch Klax (Klax)
Mazedude – Comix Bubbles (Comix Zone)
Mazedude – Zombie Lounge (EarthBound)

Download HERE, stream below!