Jeff Quindlen of Black Lodge Games joins the show to chat about his game Daath Origins after our usual batch of weekend reviews!

We start off with George ‘norg’ Nowik joining to chat the open world LEGO builder LEGO Worlds on the Nintendo Switch from TT Games and Warner Brothers Interactive as well as RBI Baseball 17 on the Switch as well from Major League Baseball Advanced Media! SML’s original Medium Boge returns to chat high speed racer Redout: Lightspeed Edition from 34BigThings and 505 Games.

Chris Taylor reviews the PS4/Vita release of the KEMCO and EXE Create retro RPG Antiquia Lost as well as giving our final verdict on the incredible action RPG Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA from Nihon Falcom and NIS America. Tom Miller covers metroidvania roguelike A Robot Named Fight from Matt Bitner Games. Royal Sefton joins to review the colorful kart racer All-Star Fruit Racing from

Finally, Pernell Vaughan joins to talk local multiplayer vs game Cosmic Kites from Fishmoose Interactive. I handle X-Morph Defense from EXOR Studios, a unique blend of twin stick shooter and tower defense. Then Pernell and I both talk about procedurally generated adventure game Songbringer from Wizard Fu and Double Eleven!

After a quick break, Jeff Quindlen of Black Lodge Games joins the show to chat all things Daath Origins. We talk about the creation of his sci-fi RPG as well as his dedication to the game to the extent that he made his very own Collector’s Edition of the game! From burning his own soundtrack discs, hand stamping the game cases, and even getting a 3D printer to create his own replica ship figures, he did it all!

Speaking of doing it all, he did his own soundtrack as well so music this show is from his Daath Origins soundtrack!

Mädchen Kraft – Daemon’s Lair
Mädchen Kraft – Ultra Boss
Mädchen Kraft – Wish
Mädchen Kraft – Epic Theme

Download HERE, stream below!