Musicians Rozen and Reven join the show to chat about their new NieR: Glory to Mandkind album, but first, we tackle a huge batch of reviews!

Cole Martin reviews the ink splattering fast paced platformer INK from Zack Bell Games and Digerati Distribution as well as Korean high school survival horror The Coma: Recut from Devespresso Games and Digerati. Chris Taylor reviews retro action platformer Citadale: The Legends Trilogy from Ezekiel Rage and Plug In Digital as well as old school 3DS RPG Crystareino from Hit-Point Co. and KEMCO.

CJ Greenwood returns to the show to review SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell, a first person heavy metal platformer from Pine Studio and Headup Games. Tom Miller joins for a trio of Steam games as well! Fjong from VaragtP is a candy eating physics based puzzler. Fur Up from Snowflurry Entertainment is a score chasing vertical jumping arcade game. Insidia from Bad Seed is an online tactical game of turn based duels.

Finally, Pernell Vaughan joins for a pack of games starting with Tooth and Tail from Pocketwatch Games, a real time strategy game in the animal kingdom. Semispheres is a single player split screen twin stick puzzler from Vivid Helix. Robonauts is a gravity swapping, planet hopping 2D shooter from QubicGames. Hypernova: Escape from Hadea is a single player RTS/tower defense hybrid from ActaLogic.

After a quick break, Rozen and Reven join the show to chat about their album NieR: Glory to Mankind, released through Materia Collective! We chat about creating the album, picking songs to takle from the game, how they came upon the game in the first place, and how a NieR: Otamatomata album really needs to happen one of these days. NieR: Glory to Mankind is on sale now with a very limited physical run as well!

This episode obviously features four tracks from the NieR: Glory to Mankind album from our guests ROZEN + REVEN!

ROZEN + REVEN – Become as Gods
ROZEN + REVEN – A Beautiful Song
ROZEN + REVEN – Amusement Park

Download HERE, stream below!