Another colossal double interview episode with Josh Harrison of Harmonix and David Amador of Upfall Studios dropping by this episode!

The show kicks off with Josh Harrison of Harmonix making his FIFTH appearance on the show to chat all things HMX from their newly released music card game DropMix, to all the latest info and updates on Rock Band 4 and the Rivals seasons, and the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive Super Beat Sports! We also talk recent albums we’re enjoying, what that whole Arcade Fire Rock Band thing, celebrating the 10th overall appearance of Harmonix on SML, and tons more!

After Josh heads out, it’s review time with Royal Sefton joining to start things up with Project CARS 2, the return of the hardcore sim racing game from Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco. Royal also previews the upcoming Dungeons 3 from Realmforge Studios and Kalypso Media Digital. Tim Ekkebus reviews 2.5D action platformer Hidden Dragon Legend: Shadow Trace from MegaFun Games and Oasis Games.

Tim also reviews the Switch version of challenging side scrolling shmup Sine Mora EX from Digital Reality, Grasshopper Manufacture, and THQ Nordic. Tom Miller reviews Niche – a genetics survival game, a turn based strategy game with sim and roguelike elements from Stray Fawn Studio.

Pernell Vaughan joins to review Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, the latest in the murder investigation series from Spike Chunsoft & NIS America. Greg Middleton writes in a review of The Solus Project, the planetary exploration survival game from Grip Digital and Teotl Studios. Finally, Pernell covers Blackguards 2, a turn based dungeon crawling strategy adventure from Daedalic Entertainment & Kalypso Media Digital!

After another quick break, David Amador of Upfall Studios joins the show, along with our friend Ryan Underwood, to chat about the Nintendo Switch release of his game Quest of Dungeons! We talk about the game, bringing it to new platforms, and how it feels to be part of the fake SML Hall of Fame! Plus Wood gets some answers to his own questions as he plays as well!

Music this episode is from Ro Panuganti off of his Materia Collective release The Wild, music from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

Ro Panuganti & David Russell – Awaken
Ro Panuganti, David Russell, AHMusic – Zora
Ro Panuganti – Hinox
Ro Panuganti & insaneintherainmusic – Guardian
Ro Panuganti & David Russell – Rito

Download HERE, stream below!