Musician Ro Panuganti joins this episode of SML to chat about his new Materia Collective album The Dark Hunter!

Ro isn’t the only musician along for the ride, though, as George ‘norg’ Nowik joins as guest co-host and things immediately go off the rails. In between all of the off topic shenanigans, we chat about Ro’s new release The Dark Hunter, music from the Metroid series! We discuss chosing songs, the legalities of covering Metroid songs, working with Materia Collective, looking to perform at MAGFest, and tons more!

After Ro head out, norg and I continue on with the news of the week including the PS Plus and Games With Gold lineups for October, new Xbox BC and Game Pass additions, lackluster game sales, Shadow of War’s Forthog DLC, Final Fantasy IX trophies, Gravity Rush 2 going offline after only a year, Assassin’s Creed Origin’s Discover Mode, and tons more! Plus a giveaway and reviews!

Pinball FX3 from Zen Studios is a feature packed update to the normal pinball formula with XP, powerups, tournaments, and a brand new Universal Classics DLC pack! Greg Middleton writes in a review of Obduction, an old school adventure puzzle game from Cyan Inc. NASCAR Heat 2 from Monster Games & 704Games is a content rich arcade style racing game ready to go head to head against the other racers of the fall.

Brandon Wicks writes in a review of Splasher, a fun and challenging 2D platformer with a fun color spraying mechanic from The Splashteam and Playdius. Lightfield is a futuristic anti-grav racer with a parkour twist and open world style exploration from Lost in the Garden. norg himself reviews the Nintendo Switch release of modern day point and click classic Thimbleweed Park from Terrible Toybox.

Cole Martin drops by to review Pankapu, a narrative driven action platformer from Too Kind Studio and Plug In Digital. Jacob Garner writes in a review of visual novel/adventure game Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze from Tin Man Games. DarkMika writes in a review of The Journey Down Chapter Three (and the first two as well) the final chapter in the long running point and click adventure saga from SkyGoblin.

Music this episode is from Ro Panuganti off of his The Dark Hunter album, you know, because he’s the guest and all and that’s kinda what we do.

Ro Panuganti – Kraid
Ro Panuganti – Ridley
Ro Panuganti – Red Soil

Download HERE, stream below!