Christopher Forgie of Kalypso Media joins the show to chat about Dungeons 3 and the rest of the upcoming Kalypso game lineup!

Christopher isn’t the only guest, though, as Royal Sefton joins as guest co-host to get his chat on about Dungeons III as well! We talk about the new features of the game, changes to past games in the series, the crazy humor of the game, hipster monsters and their microbrews, and tons more! From showing off games at the GameStop Expo to info on upcoming Kalypso releases, we cover all the good stuff!

After Christopher and Royal head out, it’s review time! Pernell Vaughan reviews Culdcept Revolt, the latest in the long running digital board game franchise from OmiyaSoft and NIS America. Lilith-M is a puzzle game about controlling two characters with a single input from Chesstar Studio and E-Home Entertainment. Pernell also covers Battle Garegga Rev.2016, the legendary 1996 arcade shmup is back with all new modes and tweaks from M2 Co. Ltd.

Tim Ekkebus reviews BUTCHER, a fast paced 2D platform shooter from Transhuman Design and Crunching Koalas. Arcade Archives Mario Bros. brings the original arcade version of Mario Bros to a home console for the first time ever thanks to Hamster Corporation. Tim also covers Sparkle 2, the orb shooting puzzler from 10tons now on Switch. Chris Taylor reviews the hook gun shooting party fighter Get Over Here from Reload Games Studios and QUByte Interactive.

Cole Martin reviews the episodic, dual story 4v1 adventure Raiders of the Broken Planet from MercurySteam. Cole also reviews JYDGE, a cybernetic twin stick roguelike from 10tons. Tower of Babel is an ever changing semi-runner on the Switch from EnjoyUp Games. Finally, Cole and I both cover INVERSUS Deluxe, a negative space multiplayer shooter from Hypersect.

Music this episode is from Sean Schafianski off of yet another new Materia Collective release, this time Breath of Fire III Remastered Tracks!

Sean Schafianski – Fight!
Sean Schafianski – Casually
Sean Schafianski – To a Distant Place (feat. Wilbert Roget II)
Sean Schafianski – Conflict of Dragons

Download HERE, stream below!