Niklas Hallin of Neckbolt joins to chat about his brand new game Yono and the Celestial Elephants!

Before that, though, it’s review time and we’ve got a stacked lineup to take care of. Royal Sefton reviews N++ from Metanet Software, the fast paced twitch platformer finally made it to Xbox One! Cole Martin reviews Deadbeat Heroes, a stylish non-superhero beat em up from Deadbeat Productions and Square Enix. Ninja Shodown is a fast paced 2D action brawler from Bitmap Bureau and Rising Star Games where you WILL die. A lot.

Cole Martin also covers Bulb Boy, a gorgeous hand drawn adventure with monster chickens and poo monsters from Bulbware. Tom Miller reviews Pylon: Rogue, a tongue in cheek roguelike action RPG from QuantumSquid Interactive. Tom also covers Carried Away from Huge Calf Studios, a physics based sandbox builder where you design and build ski lifts! Pernell Vaughan reviews Earth Atlantis, an undersea 2D shooter with gorgeous sketchbook drawing visuals from Pixel Perfex and Headup Games.

Firefighters: Airport Fire Department from VIS Games and United Independent Entertainment lets you live the life of an airport firefighter. Pernell covers Astro Bears Party on the Nintendo Switch, an easy to learn/hard to master party game from QubicGames. Jacob Garner writes in a review of Bear With Me: Episode 3, the final chapter in the investigation series from Exordium Games. Finally, Pernell checks out Hyper Void’s recent Steam release from IN|Framez Technology and the new PC challenge mode!

After a quick break, Pernell and I chat with Niklas Hallin about his new release Yono and the Celestial Elephants out this week on Nintendo Switch and Steam! We chat about the creation of the game, going from mobile games to console, getting involved with the Switch early in the game, the long wait to release, and elephants! Great chat for an adorably great game!

Music this episode is a pack of songs from Hyper Void by composer Kamel Bushnaq to celebrate the Steam release!

Kamel Bushnaq – IRecon (Hyper Void)
Kamel Bushnaq – Demyst (Hyper Void)
Kamel Bushnaq – Off the Grid (Hyper Void)
Kamel Bushnaq – In Frames (Hyper Void)

Download HERE, stream below!