Josh Barron, Ian Martyn, and Masha Lepire of The Travelers join this episode!

Before that, though, it’s the review crew with a nice lineup of games to cover starting off with Pernell Vaughan reviewing Demon Gaze II, the dungeon crawling sequel is finally here from Kadokawa Games, Experience Inc., and NIS America. We Sing Pop from Wired Productions and THQ Nordic brings 30 pop tracks from today and yesteryear along with their music videos for some karaoke fun. Pernell also covers the stellar retro beam em up Fight’N Rage from sebagamesdev.

Royal Sefton reviews Numantia, a historical turn based strategy game from Recotechnology. Tom Miller checks out a pre-alpha version of Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor, an action space sim from Stray Fawn Studio. Finally, Chris Taylor checks out the Nintendo Switch releases of Ittle Dew 2+, the retro styled action adventure from Ludosity & Nicalis as well as Chess Ultra, the ultimate chess experience from Ripstone Games!

After a quick break, the gang from The Travelers joins the show to chat about their recent Materia Collective album Ode to the Lovers as well as recent singles from Final Fantasy and Pillars of Eternity, hopes and the challenges of organizing a live show, crazy instruments and song titles in their projects, games they are playing, future release plans, and so much more!

Music this episode is a pack of tracks from The Travelers!

The Travelers – Prologue to Our Story (Final Fantasy)
The Travelers – Snowy/The Star Above the Garter/Out on the Ocean (Undertale/Traditional)
The Travelers – Threads of Fate (Threads of Fate)
The Travelers – Amhrán Ársa (Pillars of Eternity)

Download HERE, stream below!