Composer and violinist Jeff Ball returns to the show this episode!

Before that though, it’s reviews and we start the show with both Chris Taylor AND Pernell Vaughan as the three of us embark on a joint review of Portal Knights, the sandbox action RPG from keen games and 505 Games. Chris checks out Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron, a side scrolling shmup from HandyGames. Pernell checks out Super Beat Sports, a music infused party game on Switch from Harmonix.

Kid Tripp from Four Horses is a tough as nails auto running platformer sure to test your skills from Four Horses. Chris also checks out Ginger: Beyond the Crystal, the world building platform adventure from Darkhar Studio and Badland Games now on Switch! Finally, DarkMika emails in a review of Black Mirror, a dark psychological adventure game from King Art Games and THQ Nordic!

After a quick break, Jeff Ball joins to chat about all things Jeff Ball! From his work on the recently released Tiny Barbarian DX soundtrack, to his work on the tv show Steven Universe, all the way to discussing his neighbor’s late night musical sessions and our best ideas to combat things. Plus recent game news, what he’s playing, and the how the weather in California is shockingly better than the weather in PA in late November!

Music this episode is from Jeff Ball’s Tiny Barbarian DX soundtrack released with Materia Collective, including his special Christmas version from two years ago!

Jeff Ball – Clear Blue Skies
Jeff Ball – Break Down the Walls (Lazy Christmas Version)
Jeff Ball – Well That Escalated Quickly
Jeff Ball – Worst Library Ever

Download HERE, stream below!