It’s our biggest guest lineup ever with (most of) LONELYROLLINGSTARS as well as legendary composer Vince DiCola!

We start the show with the guests and let’s just get to them. George “norg” Nowik, Sean “Ailsean” Stone, Chuck “finbeard” Simpson, and Ryan “Erik ‘Viking ~Megabeardo~ Guitar’ Peabody” Postlethwait of LONELYROLLINGSTARS are here. Legendary composer of Transformers The Movie and Rocky IV Vince DiCola is here. Former co-host Kris Huber and former LRS member Grant “Stemage” Henry are here as well! It’s an insane lineup!

We chat about the new LONELYROLLINGSTARS album as well as their upcoming MAGFest performance. We talk about Vince going to MAGFest for the first time to perform alongside the LRS crew. We play instruments almost at random throughout the show. We question why somebody as incredible as Vince DiCola is on this dorky little show. We cover everything and nothing and laugh the entire time. Listen to this episode!

After a LRS world premiere and everybody else heads out, Cole Martin joins to tackle the news of the week including all of the highlights from The Game Awards, some tidbits from the PlayStation Experience, the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Titan Quest hitting consoles, and a Burnout rumor that has us pumped! Plus a healthy batch of reviews!

Cole checks out Hello Neighbor, a stealth horror experience of snooping in your neighbor’s basement from Dynamic Pixels & tinyBuild. Hammerwatch is a fantastic retro top down dungeon crawling hack and slash from Crackshell & Blitworks. Cole reviews Chaos on Deponia, a humorous point and click adventure game from Daedalic Entertainment (that could probably use with a quick primer of the first game…)

Party Planet is a compilation of 30 different minigames on Nintendo Switch from Teyon & Mastiff. DarkMika writes in two reviews, first the hidden object puzzler Lost Grimoires 3: The Forgotten Well from World-LooM & Artifex Mundi, plus dual control puzzler Fearful Symmetry & The Curse Prince from Gamera Interactive & SOEDESCO. Cole covers the new Raiders of the Broken Planet: Wardog Fury Campaign from MercurySteam

Kris Huber returns to review the brand new Titan Quest Ragnarök DLC, a journey to northern Europe in the first Titan Quest DLC in a decade from Pieces Interactive & THQNordic. Finally, Royal Sefton joins to give us the details on Demons Age a tactical dungeon crawling RPG to stop a mythical Lord of Darkness from Bigmoon Entertainment.

This show features four songs from LONELYROLLINGSTARS including a variety of future album previews as well as a very special Christmas mix!

LONELYROLLINGSTARS – Arkista Girl and I Liked It
LONELYROLLINGSTARS – Merging Black Holstice (DoD Mix)
LONELYROLLINGSTARS – Splatatouille (YouTube Mix)

Download HERE, stream below!