It’s another episode with reviews, so let’s get this baby going!

Chris Taylor leads the charge with four games! One More Dungeon is a first person dungeon crawler action shooter from Stately Snail & Ratalaika Games. 3D platforming adventure Yooka-Laylee finally lands on the Switch from Playtonic Games & Team17. Bleed is a fast paced 2D action shooter from BOOTDISK REVOLUTION & Digerati Distribution. Super Hydorah is a retro side scrolling shmup from Locomalito, Gryzor87, & Abylight.

Royal Sefton and I check out the creative and competitive multiplayer platform racer Ultimate Chicken Horse from Clever Endeavour Games and I really wish words could accurately portray how insane this game is. Tom Miller checks out the frenzied skill based physics game Boom Box Blue from VaragtP, a name I still don’t think I can properly pronounce.

Pernell Vaughan bats cleanup with three more games! Dynasty Feud is a competitive, multiplayer only, team based platform brawler from Kaia Game Studios. Plantera Deluxe is an idle style garden game now on Switch from VaragtP & Ratalaika Games. Finally, Teslagrad is a gorgeous, combat-free, 2D puzzle platforming Metroidvania from Rain Games.

This episode wraps up with three songs from perennial favorites The OneUps including their take on the SML Christmas staple Hell March Freezes Over!

The OneUps – Hell March Freezes Over 2017
The OneUps – Ice Cave Enchanement
The OneUps – Super Mario Sleigh Ride

Download HERE, stream below!