It’s an end of the year celebration with a packed house of guests and our game of the year picks!

We’ve got Joe Modzeleski of M7 Games joining us along with Scott “K4rn4ge” Smith and Cole Martin as we chitty chat about the year in review and discuss a number of categories like Game of the Year, best visuals, surprise of the year, worst controversies, and tons more! After Joe heads out, the rest of us cover some quick news including the super solid PS Plus lineup for January, record Nintendo Switch sales in Japan, Gran Turismo 6 going offline, plus the final batch of reviews for 2017!

Romancing SaGa 2 is a fantastic old school JRPG with unique leveling and generational mechanics from ArtePiazza & Square Enix. It’s Quiz Time brings a whopping 25,000 questions and a unique app to the party game scene from Snap Finger Click & Vision Games Publishing. Boom Ball 3 for Kinect brings the brick breaking Kinect series back for one more smashing installment thanks to Virtual Air Guitar Company.

DarkMika writes in a review for The Deer God, now living the life of a deer on the Switch from Blowfish Studios & Crescent Moon Games. I take another quick look at Dustoff Heli Rescue 2’s Xbox One release from Invictus Games. Finally, Arcade Archives NEOGEO Pulstar is the latest side scrolling shmup in the Switch’s ACA library from Hamster Corporation.

We end the show, and the year, with three standout tracks from the many Materia Collective releases we’ve featured on the show this year!

Ro Panuganti – Ridley (Metroid)
String Player Gamer – Clip Joint Calamity (Cuphead)
The Travelers – Home (Undertale)

Download HERE, stream below!