It’s a packed house as we celebrate five years of this stupid show!

The show kicks off with a panel full of guests as myself and Cole Martin welcome back former hosts Kris Huber & CJ Greenwood, recurring reviewer Pernell Vaughan, and frequent guest and all around sexymans Grant “Stemage” Henry to the show! It’s two hours of crazy as we cover news and general shenanigans as well as reminisce about the past.

News topics include tons of discussion on the recent rumors of Microsoft looking to invest in acquiring studios, Paragon and Gigantic shutting down, Master Chief appearing on Nintendo platforms, Age of Empires rumors, Red Dead 2’s release date, new Xbox backward compatibility additions, Mario Kart mobile, and tons more! Plus reviews!

Royal Sefton checks out Railway Empire, an in depth rail network sim from Gaming Minds Studios & Kalypso Media Digital. DarkMika gives an early preview of Past Cure, a cinematic adventure from Phantom 8 Studio. Royal also previews Soul Grabber, a randomized beat em up on Steam Early Access from Masthead Studios as well as Trailmakers, an Early Access vehicle constructor to cross a dangerous wasteland from Flashbulb Games.

Pernell returns to check out Wulverblade the gorgeous hand drawn beat ’em up from Fully Illustrated & Darkwind Media. Super One More Jump is a simple to learn, hard to master precision platformer from SMG Studio. Pernell also checks out Brawl, a twisted bomber game on Switch from Bloober Team & QubicGames. Cole reviews the Artifex Mundi adventure Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones to end the trilogy and I cover Tennis, a pick up and play casual tennis title from X-Stream Digital & D3Publisher

We end the show with music spanning the guest lineup including tracks from Kris & Grant as well as a rare occasion that I play one of my own awful songs featuring another past co-host. Might be one more treat at the end with one more former co-host hiding at the end as well…

Kris Huber – Brain Scraps (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Stemage – Dwarf Fordjress (Team Fordjress 2)
The Crakaz – Everclear Hangover IV (Final Fantasy IV)

Download HERE, stream below!