The SML Podcast – Episode 116: Fraudulent Charges

This week saw both the release of Windows 10 and the happening of Summer Games Done Quick, both of which get plenty of mention on the show this week! Whether we talk about the depressing meltdown of a speedrunner at SGDQ or the depressing monetization of friggin SOLITAIRE, there is plenty of super happy things to talk about! […]

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The SML Podcast – Episode 115: Papstreet’s Back, Alright!

Pappy’s back. :( […]

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The SML Podcast – Episode 114: Iwata Shall Be Missed

Two weeks off due to me moving and we return to the sad news that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away. […]

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The SML Podcast – Episode 113: Joe is a Filthy Hypocritical Liar

Yeah. I suck. […]

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The SML Podcast – Episode 112: E3 Gets Wood

Holy crap we are still doing these? Two weeks in a row?? And go figure, second episode back and we nearly crack the 3 hour mark. Return to form, baby! Obviously it’s because we talk about E3 this week covering the conferences, news, announcements, surprises, and all that jazz.

We are joined by Ryan “Wood” Underwood […]

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The SML Podcast – Episode 111: Oh God They’re Back

Have my own site, might as well upload my shit here, right?┬áThat’s right, bitches. We are BACK! For now. At least this week and next. We don’t know from there, honestly. Life changes bring us back together for now as a coping kinda deal, but maybe we will stick around for a bit!

Kris and I […]

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This is actually going to update soon, I hope. Also, a picture.

Hey, it’s actually Joe Cam here, for like the first time ever.

I seriously plan on updating this page soon. Hoping to start up a podcast once again and use this site as the home for it, as well as random musings of my own. Who knows. I have zero plans for all of this. Well, […]

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GD Bodcast April 12th

Check out the latest SML podcast.

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