The crazy Croatians of Starpoint Gemini return to the show for another two hours of insanity!

That’s right, Mario Mihokovic and Zeno Zokalj return to the show to talk more about their game as well as address an email directed to them, but first SML welcomes back original host BOGE to the show to talk about the Little Orbit published title Monster High: New Ghoul in School for the Xbox 360! Boge talks about the style of the game being an RPG style game geared towards younger kids, like his own children that he sat down and played with. See? There’s a reason we had Boge cover this. He has kids. Scary, right?

Anyway, after Boge finishes up with the review, he goes off fishing (seriously, he went fishing. That’s not a joke.) and we spend the rest of the episode with Zeno and Mario to talk about Starpoint Gemini 2 some more since Pappy is with us this time and we got a nice long email from listener Uneaten Lake talking about the game, his concerns with it, and his tips for new players. Then we spend the rest of the show just talking about random crap until we realize that two hours passed and it’s midnight in Croatia so we stop.

We end the show with three fantastic Marble Madness remixes by Grant “Stemage” Henry and his assorted friends of guitar goodness from the album Where Good Marbles Go to Die!

Stemage & VikingGuitar – High Roller (Marble Madness)
Stemage & norg – F.F.F. (Marble Madness)
Stemage & Kirby Pufocia – Ballbusting Wallbird (Marble Madness)

Grab the mp3 HERE, or stream/YouTube below: